Today's Sugar Reform Vote Suddenly Became National News

Welcome to the sugar policy awakening of 2018! Today's vote in the House means more than just refining an old government program.

The links between sugar policy and Florida's water are becoming widely known

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Sugar Policy Modernization is Good for the Everglades

The Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy is calling out sugar production in Florida for its role in polluting the greater Everglades ecosystem, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in restoration efforts. 


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Ecology of a Dead Zone

Tony Friedrich never wanted to be an expert on how nutrient pollution strangles an estuary. But he never had a choice, either. He’s been studying the Chesapeake as long as he can remember, watching dead zones spread through one of the planet’s most productive marine nurseries. His message to Florida: The same cycle of decline is taking hold in Florida Bay, the Caloosahatchee, and the St. Lucie--and we don’t have much time to stop it.

Florida's coastal waters share conditions that produced Chesapeake Bay dead zones

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Help! Sugar Reform Coming Up for Vote

Don’t underestimate the importance of Treasure Coast congressman Brian Mast’s pledge to support Sugar Program reform this week.

Managing Florida's water for sugarcane production has been a disaster

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Will You Take Sugar Money? Voters are Asking.

Florida politics changed this week, quietly but profoundly. Candidates for governor have declared--on the record--whether they will accept donations from the sugarcane industry.

Marco Rubio hugs Florida Crystals' Pepe Fanjul,

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SFWMD: Do *NOT* Ask to See Public Records

The South Florida Water Management District is cracking down on citizens who ask too many questions. The state agency recently threatened legal action against 16 people requesting details on its multi-million-dollar deal with a Martin County mining operation.

Palm Beach Post: Lake Point morphed from polo-themed real estate development to rock mine

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Red Tide by Jerry Kustich

Jerry Kustich's books (including his latest, Holy Water) offer contemplative, insightful meditations on the peace and beauty of fly fishing. But this piece is different. Kustich grew up watching pollution destroy fisheries in his backyard and across the nation, and now he sees it happening in Florida.

Fish Kill, IRL

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2018's Legislative Water Woes

This legislative session's anti-clean-water proposals are going to affect your life. Here’s how.



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