JOIN US: Documentary “TROUBLED WATERS” Premieres in Miami

"The Everglades' Wild Hope"

Pursuing a change in the operational management of Lake Okeechobee--like lowering lake levels in the dry season to protect human and environmental health as the Army Corps did this year--is one way to reverse Florida’s toxic tide now.


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This is Why We Fight

Editor of Florida Sportsman Magazine, Blair Wickstrom, spends a Sunday afternoon enjoying the St. Lucie River, to close out September. 

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Clean 19--A Nontoxic Summer

This week brought the end of another Florida summer, sans some of the more nightmarish qualities of summers past. 


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NEW VIDEO: Spotlight on Dr. Larry Brand

Dr. Larry Brand is a marine biology professor and algae research specialist at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL. He has extensive knowledge of red tide and cyanobacteria and has seen firsthand how the toxins produced by algal blooms can devastate marine food webs.


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Speak Up For Your Community at LOSOM Public Workshop!

Thousands of voices stood up for our waterways during the LOSOM scoping meetings at the beginning of the year. We need your help again.


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New Precedent Established in Florida's Fight For Clean Water

Plan for the worst and hope for the best is a philosophy that hasn’t always figured into Florida water management. But why not? 

As recent events have shown, we become more capable of lending greater security to human health and safety and our environment when we prepare for worst-case scenarios. This new line of thinking has us on the brink of an amazing shift in water policy--and that could change everything about how we manage water.


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Dorian Recovery: How You Can Help

Here in South Florida, we dodged a bullet. Our neighbors in the Bahamas were not as lucky.


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