How to Vote in the Martin County Primary Election

If you would like to vote in the Martin County, August 30th Primary Election, but are registered as an Independent...Here is what YOU can do to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Untitled_design_(3).jpgHere are the Directions to Change/Update your Party Affiliation, to Republican, to be eligible to Vote in the Closed Martin County, AUGUST 30th Primary.

1) Download and Print the Application, and use black ballpoint pen. Provide the information you wish to change, or update.

2) It must include your birth date or voter registration number.

3) Mark Republican under the Party Affiliation.

4) Sign application.

You can Mail or Hand Deliver application to the following locations:

Martin County Supervisor of Elections Office, Driver’s License Office, Public Library, Voter Registration Agency, and Armed Forces Recruitment Office.

The DEADLINE to change party affiliation is, 29 DAYS BEFORE THE PRIMARY ELECTION. 

AUGUST 1ST is the DEADLINE to make the CHANGE!

If you are NOT registered to VOTE, register before Aug 1 as a REPUBLICAN so you have a voice in the PRIMARY!


**You can change back just as easy Aug 31. For the General Election in November, a party change can be made at any time. ONLY primaries do they require you to be registered 29 days before.**

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