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Bullsugar.org is dedicated to ensuring a lasting legacy of clean water and healthy estuaries for future generations. In order to achieve this mission, we are focused on 3 issues:

1.) Buying land in the EAA to reconnect Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. The River of Grass has been dammed and diverted to both coasts. Until the flow is restored southward, all three estuaries -- east, west and south -- will continue to suffer, impacting Florida's tourism & real estate economy.

2.) Stopping the political corruption and injustice caused by the US Sugar Program. Sugar subsidies are corporate welfare, and they have warped Florida's water management and government to the benefit primarily of 2 billionaire families, the Motts (US Sugar) and Fanjuls (Florida Crystals).

3.) Restoring sensible water quality rules to hold polluters accountable. Florida's economy, health and way of life depend on clean water and healthy estuaries. Our laws and politicians must reflect this importance of clean water to Floridians' health and prosperity.

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