Jose Javier Rodriguez: Clear Choice for Senate District 37

Heroic politicians stand up for what's right. Effective politicians get things done. Jose Javier Rodriguez does both. endorses Jose Javier Rodriguez for FL State Senate

When the Florida House passed legislation this year that experts called dangerous to Florida's water supply, only two representatives opposed it. Jose Javier Rodriguez was one of them. Now Rodriguez is running for Florida's Senate (District 37), where that same bill (SB 552) passed unanimously. Our government needs courage and leadership like his, and we enthusiastically endorse Jose Javier Rodriguez in this race.

Rodriguez has been consistent and principled in his support for clean water, unafraid to oppose done deals like this year's fracking bill (HB 191), which passed the House for the third year in a row. Last April, when the rock mining industry wanted to slash its payments against potential cleanup efforts, the Florida legislature obliged. Rodriguez was again one of few hold-outs, telling the Miami Herald, "I don’t see why a change is needed in a policy that could potentially protect our water supply."

This spring, Rodriguez' was one of the loudest and clearest voices on Turkey Point's lax oversight and poor safety record. "For years our state regulators have failed to take seriously the threat to our public safety, to our drinking water, and to our environment posed by FP&L’s actions at Turkey Point. Evidence revealed this week of radioactive material in Biscayne Bay is the last straw and I join those calling on the US EPA to step in and do what our state regulators have so far refused to do: protect the public."

Rodriguez was just as direct in calling out the state government's refusal to take real action on Everglades restoration, stating plainly what too few of his colleagues have the guts to say publicly: that Florida lawmakers defied voters by blatantly failing to implement Amendment 1 and begin meaningful work to fix Florida's broken plumbing. The biggest hurdle, Rodriguez said, was convincing the Republican-controlled Legislature to agree to buy land, a step that scientists have almost unanimously called the most important in the effort to solve South Florida's water crisis. 

Rodriguez has been a steady advocate for transparent, scientific water management policies and was an early signer of the Now Or Neverglades Declaration.

Florida, and especially our waterways, deserve a champion. Rodriguez has demonstrated the will and ability to fight to secure our precious natural resources for future generations. Jose Javier Rodriguez has been heroic and effective in the Florida House, and he can be a powerful leader in the Senate. urges voters in the 37th District to elect Jose Javier Rodriguez.

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    Heroic politicians stand up for what's right. Effective politicians get things done. Jose Javier Rodriguez does both.

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