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Thank you for renewing your membership. As a member, you have been a part of one of the most effective conservation groups in the nation. Together, we were able to bring home some impressive victories in 2018.

With your support the EAA Reservoir cleared a major hurdle when the president signed the federal Water Resources Development Act, authorizing a nationwide list of water projects that included the reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. There is more work to do to guarantee that it will deliver the promised yearly average of 120 billion gallons of water south each year to effectively mitigate toxic discharges to coastal communities, but this historical project has begun.

You helped change the narrative on human health and pave the way for the introduction of federal legislation to force agencies to prioritize human health and safety as the primary water management consideration for the first time. The Stop Harmful Discharges Act can ensure that discharging polluted water into communities where it can fuel toxic blooms will be a last resort rather than a first option.

And you helped clean water politicians from both parties score critical victories in the 2018 election cycle. Despite outsized and sugar-funded odds, we put a new wave of candidates into office who are committed to getting the water right, and we're grateful for your ongoing help holding them accountable to their clean water promises.

You made 2018 a turning point in the fight for clean water. We look forward to celebrating with you when clean water flows into the Everglades, revitalizing Florida Bay, and protecting the Caloosahatchee, and the St. Lucie estuaries for generations to come.

As a member, you're entitled to one year of DUN Magazine delivered to your U.S. address, a $40 value absolutely free-of-charge. Just click here or on the image below and use coupon code BULLSUGAR_18 to claim your free subscription. (You'll need to submit a valid credit card, but your account will NOT be charged.)

Dun has supported and Florida's fly fishing community since the the 2016 discharges and die-offs on Florida Bay, the Caloosahatchee, and the St. Lucie. Renowned for amazing photography and global coverage of fly fishing with a focus on women's experiences, Dun is offering four issues to new members as a thank-you to everyone fighting for the future of Florida's fisheries.

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