Marco Rubio: The Worst Possible Choice for Florida's Waters

No one owes more to large-scale polluters, would-be Everglades developers, and industries that knowingly threaten public health than Marco Rubio. cannot be more clear on this: We cannot trust this man with Florida's natural resources. We strongly endorse his opponent, Patrick Murphy, to represent Florida in the US Senate.

Sugar baron Pepe Fanjul Embraces Marco Rubio

Three reasons Rubio is wrong for Florida's Waters:

  • Indebted to Sugar: Financed by sugar baron Pepe Fanjul, Rubio has consistently sided with big sugar over taxpayers' interests. He helped the industry undercut federal water quality and nutrient standards and called the generous sugar subsidy in the federal Farm Bill a matter of "National Security," refusing to explain why powerful, successful corporations need taxpayer-funded price supports.
  • Ignores Science on Water Crisis: Rubio opposes the acquisition of Everglades Agriculture Area land to solve Florida's water management crises, despite findings by 207 Everglades scientists showing that the land is vital to the recovery of Florida's estuaries. Even as the St. Lucie, the Caloosahatchee, and Florida Bay experience devastating collapse, Rubio twice refused to sign the Now or Neverglades Declaration to pursue a solution.
  • Dishonest about Everglades Politics: While missing more votes than any other senator in the modern era, and long silent on funding for Everglades restoration, Rubio suddenly claimed credit for last-minute statesmanship that tilted the balance toward funding the Central Everglades Planning Project. In truth it was never even close; the bill passed 95-3. And still Rubio refuses to support the critical missing piece - acquiring the land needed to send clean water south.

Marco Rubio and his sugar industry sponsors are longtime opponents of real Everglades restoration and healthy water management. They are the wrong choice for Florida's waters.

Rubio's Voting Record


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